Heliports Regulation

Heliports Regulation As Per GCAA

Owners or Operators of the following facilities within the UAE:

  • Elevated or Surface-Level Heliports
  • Offshore Helidecks
  • Private or public use landing areas for or helicopters

Operators may include, but are but not limited to individuals, commercial organizations, government or ministry departments, and oil and gas companies.


All individuals or organizations operating a heliport, helideck are required to establish an ANA e-Services account in order to:

  1. Register their heliport(s), helideck(s) and/or aerodrome(s); and
  2. Complete the necessary “Certificate” or “Landing Area Acceptance” process for their registered heliport(s), helideck(s)

To request an e-Service  account from the GCAA’s Air Navigation & Aerodromes Department please send details of the operator and single account point of contact to heliports@gcaa.gov.ae


  • CAAP 70: Heliports: Air Service and Private Use
  • CAAP 71: Helidecks (Off-Shore)

   Publications are available on the GCAA website Heliports Regulation at www.gcaa.ae 


  • From 1 January 2015 new construction and new operations shall conform to the published CAAP 70, and CAAP 71.
  • Existing heliports, helidecks, and aircraft landing areas are required to be compliant with regulation by 1 January 2018.

If you still required more information please visit  https://www.heliports.ae/contact-us/

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