Helipad lightS &R.F.F
Solution IN UAE

Lighting is a vital component for safely marking helipads. The world’s critical healthcare network depends on reliable systems that work on demand. 

Each application has its unique features (click on the links to find out more) but the general setup for GCAA installations feature:

  • Final Approach and Take Off helipad lights in uae.
  • Touchdown and Lift-off area helipad lights in uae.
  • Flightpath alignment guidance lights for available approach and/or departure path direction.
  • An illuminated wind direction indicator to indicate wind direction and speed.
  • Floodlights as required.
  • Taxiway lighting where applicable.
  • Obstruction lights for marking obstacles in the vicinity of the approach and departure paths.


Helipad Light

TLOF Heliport Perimeter Light

Heliport perimeter light is a steady burning green/yellow inset installing light.

Helipad Light

Solar Power Obstruction Helipad light

Low power consumption, easy installation, high brightness, small volume

Helipad Light

FATO Heliport Light

Heliport Landing aim point light is a steady burning white inset installing light.

Helipad Light

Heliport Wind Vane

Heliport Wind vane is to indicate the wind direction of the final approach and take-off, it can make a general indication to the wind speed.

Helipad Light

Heliport Light Controller

Heliport outdoor light controller, suits all kinds of heliport lights' on/off controller.

Helipad Light


heliport flood light is a ground surface installation light.

Helipad Light

Elevated Approach light

Approach Light is the white steady burning light with an intensity of max. 350 cd. There is also a flashing 60 fpm version of max. 3.500 cd

Lowering System

Highlights in combination with common and new high power LED floodlights. Instant ON / OFF and even light distribution with up to 50 % power saving

Helipad Light


Overcoming topological obstacles, Constant operation, no timetable necessary, High comfort, every passenger has a seat,Safe and long term proven,Weather independent (flood, snow, ice),Very attractive driving experience.