Requirements for a helipad heliports construction in UAE

The requirement of heliports/ helipad construction UAE


This CAAP is applicable to all operators or prospective operators of heliports (land-based)
offering an Air Service and those for Private Use, excluding those to be used solely for the
purpose of an emergency evacuation or for police or SAR operations.

The purpose of this CAAP is to provide guidance and policy information to operators of all heliports
within the UAE, for those which offer an Air Service and for those which do not.
By following the guidelines described in this publication and on successful completion of the process
listed in Chapters 2 as applicable, heliport operators will be provided with a Heliport Certificate or a
Landing Area Acceptance.

For a Heliport Certificate and a Landing Area Acceptance, applications are provided through ANA eServices. Each Applicant will be required to hold a GCAA ANA e-Service account and complete an
initial online form. This CAAP should be used in conjunction with CAR Part IV (CAR-OPS 3), CAR Part IX, X, XI, and other relevant GCAA publications.

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