Heliport Facility Engineering

Our team of registered engineers prepares detailed drawings. We provide complete designs, master plans, structural analysis of buildings. That includes flight path design for new helipads as well as modular designs in concrete, interlock, asphalt, steel, or aluminum. Our installation crew along with technical representatives are ready to install all types of heliports safely and effectively for flight operations.

Safety Training & Equipment Supplies

With safety precautions have become second nature to us, we maintain the helipad, set pre-arrival preparations, final approach and landing precautions, and loading techniques for hospitals that cover proper patient unloading, We provide a complete range of heliport equipment including firefighting systems, lighting systems, and rescue equipment.

Maintenance & Regulatory compliance

We routine inspect heliports to ensure adequate conditions for flight operations. That includes equipment replacement, ground markings refreshment, and reparations. We assess the local situation according to the respective authority regulations, competently, and independently. That includes obtaining heliport approval assistance from various entities i.e.: General Civil Aviation Authority, others; aviation authorities NOCs and acceptance;

Operations Setup

We offer customized manual covering documentation on heliport policies, route guide, and landing procedures, and training for the facility at hand. The manual we draft holds information on how to safely operate the heliport whilst being compliant with the governing regulations and industry standards.

Helipad management

From making sure all aircraft possess requisite insurance and landing permissions, surveying pilot qualifications, to checking that landowner receives landing fees; we manage all such operations of your heliport.

Feasibility and Site Selection

As part of our efforts to create the best possible scenarios for heliport position and placement, our feasibility study services extend to flight and ground safety assessment, passenger ground accessibility, security layout assessment, and assessment of the surroundings potential obstacles and buildings in the vicinity.

Safety Audits

Safety audits are essential components of our safety management plan. We review systems and identify safety issues by auditing heliports under the local Civil Aviation regulations. We survey flight paths for the clearance of obstructions, assess risk and liabilities, as well as inspection of the overall structure and equipment.


To further accommodate your needs, we are introducing aerodromes for flight operations that you may use to service passengers or cargo. That can come in the form of a small general aviation airfield or military airbases.

Civil Aviation Authority consultancies

Off-shore helidecks (Oil & Gas) For oil rigs, ships, and other facilities, offshore helidecks are a primary mode of transport. We will soon provide design, high-tech construction, maintenance, and equipment supplies of off-shore helidecks in a stable and risk-free method. We will also assist in recruiting personnel as Helicopter Landing Officers/Offshore Helideck Assistants as need be.

Shortly, we are working towards introducing:

Firefighting Services We are working on setting up a designated emergency firefighter team to be present during aircraft landing. Portable helipads Versatile and utilized across all industries is the portable heliport. This is a safe and reusable landing platform for impromptu regions and terrains.

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